By: Business in Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, located in the state of Wisconsin, is a vibrant and diverse city that offers ample opportunities for businesses. This article focuses on the prospect of starting a toy store business in Milwaukee, exploring the population distribution, key residential and commercial areas, investments required, potential returns, and suitable locations for toy stores.

Population Distribution

Milwaukee has a population of over 590,000, making it the largest city in Wisconsin. The city is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its unique characteristics and demographics. Some of the prominent residential areas include East Side, Riverwest, Bay View, and Walker’s Point. These areas are home to families, young professionals, and students, making them ideal target customer bases for a toy store.

Commercial Areas

Milwaukee boasts several commercial districts that attract a large number of residents and tourists. Downtown Milwaukee is a major hub for retail, entertainment, and dining establishments. Brady Street and the Third Ward are known for their trendy shops and boutiques. Business districts such as Brookfield Square and Mayfair offer a wide range of shopping experiences. These commercial areas witness significant foot traffic, providing excellent opportunities for a toy store business.

Prospects of Toy Stores

The toy store industry in the United States is thriving, and Milwaukee is no exception. With a growing population, demand for toys remains consistent. Additionally, the city hosts various events and attractions that draw families, such as the Milwaukee County Zoo, Summerfest, and the Wisconsin State Fair. These events create a potential customer base for a toy store, making it a lucrative venture in Milwaukee.

Investment and Returns

The capital required to start a toy store in Milwaukee can vary depending on factors such as store size, location, and inventory. On average, one can expect an initial investment of $100,000 to $300,000. This includes expenses for store setup, purchasing inventory, marketing, and hiring staff. However, with a wellexecuted business plan and effective marketing strategies, a toy store in Milwaukee can generate considerable returns in the long run.

Suitable Locations

To maximize the success of a toy store, strategic location selection is crucial. Based on the population distribution and commercial areas, several locations in Milwaukee stand out as ideal choices for a toy store:

  1. Downtown Milwaukee: With its high foot traffic and proximity to major attractions, opening a toy store in the heart of the city can attract a diverse customer base.
  2. Bay View: This neighborhood is known for its familyfriendly atmosphere and increasing residential development, making it an excellent location for a toy store.
  3. Brookfield Square: Located in the western suburbs of Milwaukee, this shopping mall attracts a significant number of families and offers ample space for a toy store.


Starting a toy store business in Milwaukee, WI presents an exciting and profitable opportunity. The city’s vibrant population, diverse residential areas, and flourishing commercial districts create a favorable market for toy stores. With careful planning, adequate investment, and strategic location selection, entrepreneurs can establish a successful toy store business and reap considerable returns in Milwaukee.